The Team

Arch + Tower is an Atlanta-based firm that helps companies drive revenue by maximizing Employee and Customer Experiences with Operational Excellence.

The Arch + Tower team is a collection of multi-skilled fanatics who love to solve problems. A lot of teams claim it, but our team embodies it. Serving others is our core focus with a desire to make you the hero. We can't sleep if we don't deliver exceptional results. If you really want to understand what makes us tick, here you go:

Purpose: We are here to dream up and deliver solutions that help leaders reach their potential.

Core Values


1. Act like an Owner: we feel like everything we touch is ours to fully own. If questions compromise execution, we ask them. If health needs to be established, we engage. If clarity needs to be attained, we create it. 

2. Be Healthy: We provide grace to others, assume the best, choose curiosity over assumption, and seek to build health and connection in every circumstance. 

3. Servant Leadership: We lead others by first serving, approaching every opportunity as a chance to produce, not consume. 

You're going to have a hard time finding our photos here because it's not about us.

John Hightower

President, Arch + Tower

4. Focus on Felt Needs: We create competitive advantages by listening carefully to what is being said to discern what is (actually) most needed.

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