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How to welcome your employees back to the office and show that you care.

Your business has changed in the last three months, and so have your employees. We are all eager to return to "normal," but the reality is that the "normal" we remember may not exist anymore. The experience of COVID has changed a lot of things. We're now talking about COVID testing, Contact Tracing, and Herd Immunity when we're talking about reopening offices and returning to work "normal." As we work to bring our employees back into the office, it is critical to make sure we validate our assumptions and communicate clearly and empathetically. 

Our experiences with clients have taught us that health standards and legal concerns are driving current decisions. We're discovering another priority that's just as important: Employee Experience.

In a recent article, Fast Company found that "half of all respondents would consider changing jobs as a result of how their employer handles the crisis." How a company's leaders manage their employee experience returning to the office will help shape its culture for years to come. Arch + Tower wants to help make sure that experience is a foundation to launch your company into this world of "new normal."

Arch + Tower has created a tool box that can be deployed quickly to help organizations smoothly transition back into the office environment and avoid culture-crippling mistakes.  

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You don't truly know what your employees think and feel until you ask. We'll help you quickly survey your employees so that your policies and strategies align with your team's feelings.

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From floor plans that include social distancing best practices to health and safety policy documents, we'll help you create the physical assets needed to communicate with your employees.

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What is the path back to the office? What do you need to decide, create, purchase, and design? We'll help provide the knowledge, lists, and best practices to make those decisions simpler.

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People are stressed. How decisions are communicated is more important than ever. We will help you craft communications that let your employees know that you care about their needs. 

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Are your leaders equipped to lead employees through these times? We teach workshops that coach leaders on how to build strong teams despite the challenges.  

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Some leaders in your organization may need more support than others. Our team can help provide individual coaching to those who might need additional support. 

We can't wait to talk with you about your business and help you bring your team back to the office.

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Arch + Tower is proud to be a part of the Frazier & Deeter family of brands. Frazier & Deeter is an award-winning accounting and advisory firm - Best of the Best Accounting firm, a Best Firm to Work For in the U.S. and a Best Firm for Women in Leadership - focused on Investing in Relationships to Make a Difference.

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