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“John’s approach was authentic and related to each person with storytelling, humor and life lessons. He spoke about his big “why” ; and pushed them into understanding their purpose and the people within their organization with passion and transparency.“

Kelly Brereton, Director Coca-Cola - Millennial Event


Chris Green is one of the leaders of Arch + Tower, focusing on consultative solutions to achieve goals within Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Operational Excellence. With over 15 years experience in diverse industries including commercial real estate securities, nonprofit and management consulting, Chris leads with abroad perspective, enthusiasm and a focus on excellence. Chris assists clients building on his expertise and experience in psychology, sociology, and organizationaland service design philosophies.


Chris has been able to deliver value in the critical areas in which employees and customers converge. From world-class restaurant and retail, construction andmining, or nonprofit, Chris enjoys designing helpful solutions for creating impressiveemployee and customer experiences.


S.O.I.L. - Creating Winning Conditions from the C-Suite

Paddlers, Passengers, and Pirates - Where do your employees sit?

Customer Satisfaction - The Lagging Indicator

Who’s right - the Customer or the Employee? Might be the wrong question to ask.

Concept-to-Scale - Tactical tips for organizational growth

John is a frequent guest on podcasts and panel discussions.  Please see a selection below of recent conversations.

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Untangling the Technical

John recently joined Frazier & Deeter's podcast, Untangling the Technical, to discusses how multi-faceted the customer experience can be and how a better experience can lead to increased profits.

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Customer Experience Radio

John joins Jill Heineck, host of Customer Experience Radio, to discuss Arch + Tower's CxExOx consulting model. 

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Private Equity 360

John recently Bob Woosley to discuss creating Clarity in Chaos and the importance of focussing on employee's while to trying to navigate the challenges of COVID-19.


"Engaging our VP's and Senior Executives at SAP was key in growing our organization. John delivered action-oriented content for us at our Corporate Event geared to this this high-achieving crowd. His energy and authenticity was magnetic."

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Susan Ross

Senior Director of Recruiting - NOAM at DocuSign



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