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Entrepreneur| Speaker | Panelist | Host


Chris Green is a dynamic speaker with an exhaustive experience helping companies untangle complex organizational dynamics. His approach blends psychology, sociology, as well as organizational and service design philosophies to create a unique and innovative approach to the most foundational issues common to growing organizations.  


By day, Chris is one of the leaders of Arch + Tower, focusing on consultative solutions to achieve goals within Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Operational Excellence. With over 15 years experience in diverse industries including commercial real estate securities, nonprofit and management consulting, Chris leads with a broad perspective, enthusiasm and a focus on excellence.

Chris has been able to deliver value in the critical areas in which employees and customers converge. From world-class restaurant and retail, construction and mining, or nonprofit, Chris enjoys designing helpful solutions for creating impressive employee and customer experiences.

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The Science of Maximizing Employee Happiness

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Transforming Your Organization into a Customer-Focused Machine

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The One Ingredient No Healthy Team Can Live Without

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Moving from Commodity to Experience

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The Five Obstacles to Leading Change (and How to Remove Them)

Chris is available as a keynote speaker and is also a frequent guest on podcasts and panel discussions.  

Employee Experience

Chris recently joined Benj Miller's podcast, Tractionville, to map out how employees who feel valued are one of the healthiest factors of creating the business you want to become in both vision and values.

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