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CHALLENGE - Moving the purpose, vision, and mindsets of an organization's culture beyond the walls of any large company is challenging. Doing so when many of the employees in the field are college students is an even bigger challenge. How does Peak Campus engage with the unique challenges of a college student's life and schedule to create a meaningful work experience?

SOLUTION - Our team dived deeply into understanding the culture of Peak Campus. We spent hours with the executive team working through refining their purpose and mindsets (which is their word for "values"). We then worked with their Marketing, Talent, and HR teams to develop video support showing the benefits of working with Peak Campus. Partnering with their internal teams, we also built a hiring and onboarding program that worked with college students' schedules. From unique interviewing processes, mindset-focused questions and activities, onboarding and training, and then gluing it all together in one, well-designed cultural document was the answer for Peak Campus. 

RESULTS - This program will be rolling out to the field in the coming months, and we have every hope that it will positively impact Peak Campus' performance, and the cultural connection and performance of the college students they will be hiring.


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