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Employee Benchmarking and Selection

CHALLENGE - Thrive Farmers is building new retail stores, staffed by employees who they want to become ambassadors of the Thrive Farmers brand. How do we increase the likelihood that job candidates are a good fit for the jobs they are hired to do? How do we ensure that they are aligned with the culture of Thrive Farmers? How do we ensure that their employee experience is great?

SOLUTION - We walked Thrive Farmers through a detailed process that asks key questions about each job role, its desired personality traits, cultural values, and the needed job-related skills for that position. Then, we selected an assessment that creates a common measurement language between the benchmark and the job candidate. The benchmark becomes a gap analysis and conversational tool for the interviewing process, and helps guide conversations between hiring managers and job candidates. All of this to create better job fit and higher employee engagement.

RESULTS - We created four, job role benchmarks that can be leveraged to focus hiring and selection conversations on the topics that actually drive success. By helping hiring managers zero in on the most important traits and skills matches, along with the gaps, we provided Thrive Farmers with a valuable resource that connects the ideal to the real, while helping them increase the likelihood that employees find meaning and success in their job roles.


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