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Training at Scale


CHALLENGE - The ChenMed team wanted to make their training resources more mobile-friendly and engaging for their 60 medical clinics around the country. Their employees range from medical doctors to hourly administrative staff. They needed guidance on helping them systemize and scale their most important Clinical Essentials, and in the process, invest in their people development values. In addition, they wanted to refresh and film new content for their Operational Essentials. We helped them move from bullets on a Word document to beautiful video capture and downloadable, supporting training content for Clinical Essentials. For Operational Essentials, we filmed new content and updated their design for greater visual simplicity. Our mission was to guide the internal ChenMed team for completing the project, guide media style, support technology integrations, and bring the sub-departments and inside technology teams together to achieve a great final result.

SOLUTION - We worked with the team to develop a design standard and upgrade the content experience. We filmed doctors around the country offering their experience and advice for new doctors. We used our internal Central Digital Asset Library to manage the many media assets, training modules, protocols, communication tools, project status. We also helped prepare for national rollout.


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