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Turning Employee Turnover into Effective Strategy

Arch + Tower partnered with a family-owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona. They serve their customers by renting numerous and diverse types of machinery to any need, from a chainsaw to a tractor, and everything in between. This company boasts more than 70 rental locations across America.


Arch + Tower Business Value.

Established systems and processes that:

  1. Fostered effective Executive Team conversations and high-level communication

  2. Created more efficient use of time and financial resources

  3. Increased collaboration across all departments

  4. Resulted in more effective Executive Team leadership, work and project execution


We Listen.

Arch + Tower was brought in to meet the Executive Team and investigate an employee turnover issue. In particular, the client had noticed their drivers and mechanics would turnover quickly, and this was a need felt throughout the company. The Arch + Tower team dove into conversation with the Executives and asked questions to better diagnose the situation at hand. Arch + Tower worked with the client to develop a strategy that would uncover the roots of this need and build into a solution. This beginning stages of this strategy prompted Arch + Tower to:

  • Delve into the company culture

  • Facilitated internal conversations

  • Audit the current strategy and implementation tactics

The employee turnover dilemma uncovered a gap in strategic organizational alignment that affected all departments.

We Understand.

There are many inputs and outputs of the employee experience. The timeline of an employee’s experience and when, on that timeline, problems occur is very important. In addition to understanding the timeline, Arch + Tower needed to learn each department’s touch-points with the employee experience and how that interaction was received.

  • When are events happening and what departments are affected?

Arch + Tower mapped out the employee journey four months prior to employee hire, all the way to years past their hire date and broke it down by department.

  • How does Human Resources play into the life of an employee?

  • How does the IT Department touchpoint affect the employee?

  • What does it look like to have a mentor program?

Through this exercise we crafted a Solutions Stack to develop a culture of continuous improvement based on each touchpoint and the employee experience throughout their time with the company.

The Solutions Stack highlighted four Employee Focused programs that would begin to bridge the gap between what the employee was experiencing and what the leadership team aspired for that experience to be.

We Focus.

Arch + Tower focused on each department to uncover a break in company culture synergy. Conversations with employees who had joined this company from outside the industry revealed a feeling of being outside the fold, and employees feeling on the outside resulted in a higher frequency of turnover. Arch + Tower facilitated discussions on how strategic alignment in each department can alleviate this feeling amongst new hires. The team spent time on site facilitating these conversations, creating recommendations, and ultimately built an approach and detailed strategy to put those recommendations into a solution.

We Solve.

The Arch + Tower’s team created a prioritization matrix for this client. The matrix allows them to implement changes according to priority. An overload of items to change in one quarter can create even more chaos. So, to kick-start the new organizational plan, we prioritized tasks for their team: Write executive summaries for the company’s CEO to read, gather resources allocation, and get numbers on what it is going to take dollar-wise to get this done. As a result they are more efficient with resources and know where to make mission critical investments. We know every company has turnover, but that does not have to leave them in the lurch. When there is employee turnover, our client now has a unified strategy for who will back that position.


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