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Untangling the Technical: Customer Experience

Customer experience is more than just an exchange of goods or services. John Hightower joins Frazier & Deeter's podcast, Untangling the Technical, to discusses how multi-faceted the customer experience can be and how a better experience can lead to increased profits.

Untangling the Technical is Frazier & Deeter's podcast focused on unraveling the intricacies of today's business topics. Untangling the Technical is available on iTunes, Google Play MusicSpotify and more. Listen now using the player below or download it to listen later.

Arch + Tower is proud to be a part of the Frazier & Deeter family of brands. Frazier & Deeter is an award-winning accounting and advisory firm - Best of the Best Accounting firm, a Best Firm to Work For in the U.S. and a Best Firm for Women in Leadership - focused on Investing in Relationships to Make a Difference.


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